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Since their inception in 1995, Apeksha Films has produced various television shows, web series and films. As the name says, ‘Apeksha’ means ‘expectation’; they have always aimed to ensure that their initiatives fulfill the entertainment expectations of their audience. Moreover, as a company, they believe it is their duty to be socially responsible.

At Apeksha Films, showing compassion and thoughtfulness is at the heart of what they do. They take a moral stance on improving the world they live in, which will also allow everyone to leave a lasting mark that they hope, will be felt for generations to come.

In a digitally connected world, it is so important to ensure that the news that reaches everyone is true to the fact and current.

With this as their aim, they have introduced Apeksha News Network, wherein the audience can expect the true facts and the updates about latest happenings with web portal, mobile Application, and also weekly Newspaper with authorised by Indian Government.

Apeksha Music focus lies to contribute many fresh talents – each brilliant in its own creative fields "Yes, Apeksha Music will be home to the most loved & commercially successful artist but we want to encourage fresh talent as well.

I want to give them a chance to showcase their work and connect them with the audiences". Apeksha Music will make sure reach to larger audience with all possible medium.

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